AMZN health clinics

Primary care clinics sponsored by employers are now getting traction at tech giants. Apple is experimenting with its initiative AC Wellness. Apple is aiming to offer a unique concierge-like healthcare experience for employees and their dependents.

Amazon is now planning onsite health care clinics for its employees at its Seattle headquarters. In a report published in CNBC. “Amazon, is aiming to push for ways to bring down health costs, which are skyrocketing as insurers pass on the expenses associated with emergency room visits and providers that overcharge. By steering workers to urgent care and preventative care and by offering guidance on diet and exercise, companies are hoping to keep their employees healthier and out of the hospital.”. This pilot seems to stem from new healthcare CEO Atul Gawande‘s thinking, and highlighting importance of PCP.

In a article published in 2017, Dr. Gawande stresses on incremental visits to a PCP offer a unique benefit: a long-term relationship. He said through regular visits, the physician is able to aggregate all the information he or she knows about the patient to provide an informed diagnosis. Having a relationship with a PCP also allows the patient to become more comfortable with their provider and thereby more inclined to visit them to address health concerns before they develop into more serious issues, Dr. Gawande claimed.

Overall, goal is to make healthcare reduce spend on health insurance of employees, driving down total care of health insurance.

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